Our team

Our team is as diverse as the menus we create. Hailing from multiple nationalities, backgrounds and locales, they each bring something unique to our service. Dedicated, expedient, and always on the lookout for the next detail, the people behind your event have devoted themselves tirelessly to their crafts with the goal to deliver only the very best.

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Kristofer - Director

The director and (often times) your onsite chef. Kristofer spends most of his time between New York City and his hometown of East Hampton. Having begun his career as a savory chef, he has worked in notable kitchens throughout New York, Europe and Southeast Asia, before settling on his true passion of creating one-off experiences in unique locales.

He spends most of his time sourcing the best ingredients possible, whether that takes him to farms on the East End, Upstate, or Pennsylvania, or to fish markets and sustainable butcher shops, he cares deeply about the origin and nutrition of the ingredients we use. What you put into the pot you get out of the pot.

In addition to keeping his hands busy in the culinary side, his passion for sweets drove him to open his own chocolate works, KALAS Chocolate. Here he crafts amazing chocolates without the use of artificial ingredients, working to preserve the natural flavor of the ingredients.


Abraham - Chef

Our executive chef, Abraham has great experience in cooking all types of cuisine, and has worked in the top kitchens of New York City for the last 15 years. He enjoys working with the freshest ingredients and often spends hours at the farmers markets in NYC looking for just that.


Galla - Event Designer

Our event designer, Galla loves to see the vision turn into reality. Originally an architect, she found her passion in designing unique experiences at the crossroads of food and design.

Her commitment to the finer details is unmatched. From floral decorations to customized signage, table settings and more, she won’t rest until everything is completed to her satisfaction. She also takes part in designing and maintaining our online presence.


Dan - Beverage Director

Dan is a career bartender, working in some of the finest dining establishments New York has to offer, from Per Se and Dovetail to local hot spots like Hart’s and Cervos. Dan has forgotten more about the cocktail trade than you may ever know. He controls our beverage department, crafting unique cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as selecting the right wines for your occasion.


Yanais - Cocktail Consultant

Our culinary cocktail consultant, Yani has a background as diverse and experienced as they come. She’s worked for some of the most notable establishments in the industry, including NOMA and The Aviary. Her ability to decipher what libations are most suited to an event and then put them into practice is unmatched. From savory to sweet, and anything in between, presentation, taste and flavor all come into account during her creative process.


Christian - Photographer

An accomplished still photographer and filmmaker, Christian accompanies us on many events to photograph our food, design arrangements and if requested, guests. You can find his professional work here.


Melvin - Kitchen Cook

Melvin is our expert kitchen cook, with experience in everything from fine dining to animal butchery. Always a smile on his face, he is truly gifted behind the stove.