Cooked with passion, the way it should be.

Carefully selected, exquisitely prepared, and flawlessly delivered. Our goal is to make every aspect of your event effortless. We look forward to collaborating with you and creating an unforgettable experience.

Talk to us about your ideal event.

We’ll use your guidelines to form your vision into reality. Give us fabric swatches, references from film or television scenes, lyrics to a song you love, anything that helps to describe the experience you want to impart for your guests. From there let our creativity go to work for you, and bring back a series of proposals until you’re satisfied with every detail.

We plan so you don’t have to.

Not into planning? Hate details? Turn over your event to us and we will make you proud; no hassle required. We can take care of the foodservice, be an all-in-one provider for everything from flowers and lighting to music and party favors, or anywhere in between.

We like everything made in house.

We hope you do too. Down to the very last detail of your menu, everything is handcrafted for your particular event from fresh, natural whole foods which are sustainably sourced. We look beyond organic and work with farms that provide the right nutrition and biodiversity in their fields.

On a budget?

Our goal is always to create the best possible event. Sometimes we work with limitless budgets, but often we do not. Therefore we can be mindful of the costs you would like to keep in mind, so that you are not only getting the best possible event, but at a cost that is reasonable to you.

Get in touch today to start planning your event.

Food is not simply the destination, but the journey.